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About CEO

Mr. Atif Ali completed his bachelor’s in engineering from the University of Sunderland in England and then moved to Western Australia for his Master’s in mechanical engineering from Edith Cowan University. His personal experiences helped him pinpoint a huge gap within the education consultancy market. A few years back, he started a consultancy company in Pakistan with the intention of helping students reach their full potential by guiding them through their journey of getting admission to world class universities. He works back and forth tirelessly to manage both the Pakistani and Australian offices of Crescent International. Mr. Atif is an associate member of the Islamic Circle of Australia and New Zealand ICAN (Australia Top Intellectual Islamic Organization). His mission is to provide Pakistani students the opportunity to serve their country with the knowledge and skills they gain abroad.

Due to Mr. Atif’s dedication and determination, today, Crescent International is the first choice of many Pakistani students looking forward to study abroad.

About Us


Crescent International started with Mr. Atif’s dream of serving his country. Today we are one of the very few education consultants with onshore offices in educationally advanced countries like Australia.

Our mission

‘You dream of flying high. We help you reach the sky.

Our mission is to become the market leader in providing the best possible services to students aiming to reach their full potential by studying in the world’s top-tier universities. We offer customized solutions to students according to their financial means and academic performance. We help our clients become the best version of themselves through integrity, honesty, and excellence.

Our team

Our team of professionals includes HR consultants, executive coaches, business professionals, and more.

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