Credibility Interview

1. Australia

GTE assessment is conducted by the Australian embassy to determine if the student is genuinely applying for a temporary stay in Australia for educational purposes or not. On the basis of a candidate’s performance in this assessment, the embassy decides if they should accept or reject the visa application of a student.

2. The USA

The US embassy conducts a credibility interview of students applying for an F1 student visa. This interview can be conducted in the states or in the embassy of your country depending upon the requirements of the student. This interview is a very important part of the visa application process and doing well in it can significantly increase student’s chances of success.

3. The UK

A credibility interview is designed to assess all the tier 4 applicants on the basis of their intentions. This interview is conducted so only genuine entrants are permitted to study in the UK. The interview is conducted by the UK embassy present in your country.

4. Canada

Credibility interviews are generally not a part of the application process for a Canadian study permit. Still, the Canadian embassy reserves the right to arrange a special interview for students depending upon their application or educational background.